Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jesus lives in Tennessee and Gearing up....(pun intended)

After a long hike yesterday I took it easy today and did some stretching,
some light strength training and rode my bike to pick up some groceries 
from my favorite local store Sunny Farms! 
It's a flat easy ride that gets you outside
without to much of a strain on the body! 

A few weeks ago I spotted this bike outside the store! 
I remember purchasing a small license plate for my daughter for her bike 
when she was a child! I'm pretty sure, but not positive, that the owner of 
this bikes name wasn't Jesus! I do admire that he is willing
to witness his belief publicly. In a world full of political correctness to 
put yourself out there can be viewed as someone who is crazy! 
Well my friends, I hope Jesus lives in Tennessee.
 I hope He also lives in Washington State, Hawaii and all around world!

They say that when you publicly commit to a 
plan it makes it harder to abandon.
Tomorrow marks the beginning of a journey. 
I will begin training to complete my 
first Ultramarathon. I will continue to ride my bike 
at least one day a week for cross training and recovery.  
I will focus on my nutrition, training plan, stretching 
and strength all in an attempt to reach my goal. 
Having completed four marathons 
completing a 50K isn't a far stretch. But it will be the start.....

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